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   Really - Lovely from world stallion Rubinstein:

Paul Swaegers is with the mare "Really Lovely", who came with 2 1/2 - years in his training, multible S - dressage, S - freestyle, Intermediare I und up to date til Grand - Prix placed.
   London from stallion Lamoureux I:

Claudia Swaegers and stallion London

The stallion "London", as foal came he to family Swaegers, was with Paul Swaegers already with 7 years S - dressage placed and is currently on the way to Grand - Prix. Piaffe, Passage and 1 it change of leg are already safe.   
  Paradise Rock from stallion Polytraum:
Equipped with outstanding basic giats stallion "Paradise Rock" was two and a half year acquired on the auction in Münster - Handorf. Under the education of Paul Swaegers won "Rocky" all young horse classes A to L with notes from 8 and 8,5. He was placed with good notes in young dressage classes on M. In the 2009 season he was seven years old and already M* - placed and has startet his first S*-dressage. He was on the way to Grand - Prix. Piaffe and Passage he has already learned, exchange series were safe. In the year 2010 he change the livery yard.     
   Backham from stallion Belissimo M:

war 4 - year already placed under the education from Paul Swaegers young horse  competition classed A in front placed. With 8 years he wil start his first S* - dressage.  
Promi - Paul from stallion Pascavello ( Potsdam ) :

The seven - year - old "Promi - Paul" made the yump from L dressage to M dressage in just a few weeks. Already in the second start in this class he won the class suverän. He is a horse with a very high perspective in the large dressage place. Promi - Paul is started 2013 already in his first S* - dressage and immediately became first reserve altrough two judges saw him with points up front. However, he is already trained on. ( Piaffe, Passage, Serial change of leg    


Other succesful horses: 

Many more young horses are very succesful in the education of Paul Swaegers, 8 - he notes with the young horses are not rare...

... and yet, each won or placed test for owners and riders cause for joy.
   Succesful rider:
A large number of my rider can look back on succesful riding competitions. Leonie Leuwer is tained in dressage and has won the national championship with his Pony 2012. He was best on the German championship in her class and is now current german champion in eventing pony class 2012.