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Paul Swaegers und First Edition
personality dates:

  • married with Claudia Swaegers, Son Niklas
  • profirider   FN
  • Dressurscool Brüssel with exam and
  • Diplom -Trainer horse - riding
  • for many years successful instructor to Grand Prix
  • even topically successfully to Grand Prix
  • to activate the hind quarters and related refief the forehand I always like to put a work from the ground:  
    Greta Riesen with Fürstenberg
    Claudia Swaegers with stallion named London
    picture: Wallrafen                                                                                                                      Foto: Wallrafen

    Only those who accept criticism, be treated as a sport horse fair partner, comes to long term success. 
    Paul Swaegers bei der Unterrichtserteilung
    Sascha Mais im Unterricht
    Paul Swaegers bei der Unterrichtserteilung
    Paul Swaegers bei der Unterrichtserteilung
    picture: C. Swaegers                                                                                                                  Foto: C. Swaegers

    Have fun and also make the calvalry, as presented to us the young riders as impressive still: 
    Niklas Swaegers auf seiner Anita
    Freundin Charlotte auf Anita
    P.S.: of course, dressage riders can also jump...
    picture: C. Swaegers                                                                                                                               Foto: C. Swaegers

    Family Swaegers and the favorite of the family, the Grand - Prix placed "Really Lovely".     
    Fam. Swaegers mit Really
    Claudia Swaegers mit Really
    picture: Wallrafen                                                                                                                    Foto: Wallrafen